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iSad. Are uSad?

6 Oct

I’m typing this new blog post on my iPad (which I received from Kaufman, Rossin for TrialPad work purposes)… When I go running, I listen to my blue Apple shuffle (“inherited” from my ex)… I don’t own an iPhone because I stand strongly by my Droid. I have a 17″ HP laptop which is now two pieces held together by tape, and I frequently work/play on my functioning HP netbook.

I am not an iFanatic. But the loss of Steve Jobs is still gutt-wrenching.

“Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”

“Where were you during 9/11?”

“Where were you and how did you feel when you heard Steve Jobs died?”

I was in my car. I had just pulled into Publix when they announced the iconic Steve Jobs’ passing. I was listening to Y100 and thought it was either a joke or a mistake. I quickly pulled out my Droid and checked my Twitter feeds… It was true. “RIP Steve Jobs,” “#ThankYouSteveJobs,” “#iSad,” inspirational Steve Jobs quotes – all occupied my Twitter timelines.

Why is the world coming to a stand-still? How did Apple attract such a cult-like fan base? Apple wasn’t the first to invent the computer, music, phone or even mp3 player, so why are iUsers and non-iUsers alike commemorating this man and this company? Because any John Doe knows that Steve Jobs has revolutionized technology and the way the world revolves. He is a visionary. The world’s greatest entrepreneur. A husband and a father. A respectable man who kept his private life private. His speeches are inspirational and mind-blowing. Who doesn’t wish they could come up with the hundreds of memorable quotes that have rolled off Steve Jobs’ tongue? What college drop-out isn’t using the excuse, “Steve Jobs dropped out of college and look what he’s created. I could be the next Steve Jobs!” And now, thanks to our high-tech prying and to Wikipedia, I’ve become aware that Steve Jobs is adopted, just like me, so perhaps I can say “Steve Jobs was adopted and look at what he created. There’s still hope for me!” (ironically, today is my legendary Airplane Day – the day I graced America and my family with my presence).

What will be Apple’s next move? What will be the next iInvention? Who knows…? No one knows because nobody except for Steve Jobs could ever fathom the idea of the iWidget. It will be interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts at tomorrow evening’s Refresh Mobile October meeting where I have been given the honor to present on TrialPad… I now look at it as a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discussions with so many mobile and Apple enthusiasts as well as an opportunity to commemorate and celebrate Steve Jobs’ life and stunning creations.

Apple will now turn the page and enter a new chapter, while never forgetting the visionary behind them.

RIP Steve Jobs. You will be missed.