SXSW – I’m Coming for You! Here’s My Top 10 Tips and Bucket List.

7 Mar

It’s now March 2012 (what the…where did the time go?), and that means March Madness on steroids! It also means it’s time for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival! Although there are three sections to SXSW (interactive, film, music), I will be attending the interactive portion only (for work). This is my second year to the wonderful city of Austin, and hopefully I learned some valuable lessons last year that are applicable to this year.

Things like…

  1. Expect 5 hours of sleep per night (if you’re lucky).
  2. It’s pretty chilly – bring cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.
  3. You could survive on free food and drinks the entire festival. Seriously.
  4. Sometimes your schedule of sessions relies entirely upon geography – some of the hotels are spread out!
  5. Network, network, network!
  6. Go to some “personal” sessions for yourself – in whatever interests you. You can apply anything to your line of work and industry.
  7. Even though you’re walking around downtown Austin A LOT, you’re also eating A LOT (mmm bring on the BBQ and tex mex)!
  8. Take advantage of the phone charging stations in the Convention Center. You can literally drop off your phone, and they’ll lock it up in a box, charge it, and you can come back whenever to pick it up.
  9. Talk to the people sitting next to you in the sessions. Don’t bury your head in your phone/computer/tablet.
  10. If you don’t like the sessions you’re in, check out the other sessions’ hashtags to see if they’re worthwhile to switch into. Just be careful that its session/room isn’t full. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the hall…
This year, I’ll be conducting a fun Twitter campaign for my Firm – Kaufman, Rossin & Co. Therefore, between March 8-14, I’m asking all of you to tweet @KaufmanRossin and me (@Aubrey_Swanson) why you love accountants with #ILoveAccountants. I’m literally going to wear a bright t-shirt every day at SXSW and approach strangers, asking them for their #ILoveAccountants tweets. I also have some sweet Kaufman, Rossin sleep masks to hand out to some lucky twitterers! Click to learn more about #ILoveAccountants.

I’ve also made a SXSW 2012 bucket list 🙂

  1. Ride a mechanical bull
  2. Eat my weight in brisket
  3. Run 3 miles at least 3 times
  4. Gain at least 100 #ILoveAccountants tweets
  5. Sing karaoke
  6. Late-night chicken and waffle truck run
  7. Take a picture with a CEO or founder of a legit (the average American would recognize) company
  8. Ask a Google employee, “Seriously, what were you guys thinking when you created Google Plus?”
  9. Make it to Gary V‘s #secret_wine_party 😉
  10. Tell a stranger, “Save a horse. Ride a cowboy!”
Have a good SXSW tip or something to add to my bucket list? Leave a comment! If you’re coming to SXSW, email me or tweet me, and let’s meet up!

One Response to “SXSW – I’m Coming for You! Here’s My Top 10 Tips and Bucket List.”

  1. Fantastic post Aubrey! Very informative and fun. Let’s try to make it to Gary #secretwineparty LOL!
    Happy Thursday 🙂

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