20 Nov

Gotta love honesty – Everyman Espresso

Here’s the world’s best NYC bucket list recommendations curated by the best of the best! I am going to attempt to accomplish a great deal of these during my week-long stay here. I’ll also be adding my own recommendations to this list as I experience them.

If you’d like more information about a specific place, tweet the person listed after the recommendation. – Enjoy ūüôā



  • Essex @AshleyElisaG
  • Intermezo (all you can drink drag brunch, go with your girlfriends for a good laugh!)¬†@AshleyElisaG
  • Jane (brunch) @JamieDeRosa
  • LAVO¬†@GlennEbert
  • Penelope¬†@AshleyElisaGt
  • The Smith (brunch) @JamieDeRosa¬†| I highly DO NOT recommend this place. The food came out in 5 minutes. Most of the food was cold or luke-warm. The only thing that was memorable was the cheesy grits.








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