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One Hashtag: #ChevyPizzaCrawl

2 Apr

Free Pizza + Drive New Chevys (and an Escalade) + Meet Tweeps In-Person = #ChevyPizzaCrawl 4

So my friends on Facebook (not Twitter) see pictures like this one below and ask, “What?! How did you get to do this? Where do you sign up?”


Here’s how:

  1. Join Twitter!
  2. Follow @Lapp, @midtownchica and @ChevyFlorida!
  3. Watch out for #ChevyPizzaCrawl tweets and follow instructions!

The Chevy Pizza Crawl is one of the most creative collaborations I’ve been been lucky enough to partake in in South Florida. Our gracious host, Craig Agranoff, founder of www.worstpizza.com (among other things) teamed up with Chevy Florida and Stephanie Camargo to letΒ  20 +/- tweeps…Wait, get this… Drive around the tri-county area in brand new Chevy vehicles (and a Hybrid Escalade) to taste cheesy, dough-ey, saucy goodness at three delicious pizza restaurants (for free)! It’s truly a remarkable experience. Not only did I get to taste pizza from That Pizza Place (New York-style), Nino’s of Boca 2 (upside-down-style), and Esposito’s (Detroit-style), and not only did I drive an $88,000 Hybrid Escalade, Chevy Cruze, Chevy Equinox, and Chevy Traverse, but I got to meet some of South Florida’s most exceptional locals and social media enthusiasts!

[A little bit of ranting… With a valid point in the end] People always complain about online social networking and how it’s so anti-social because you sit at your computer instead of actually going out and physically socializing and blah blah blah… Well the Chevy Pizza Crawl is a perfect example of social media going above and beyond the internet. Twitter really does bring like-minded individuals together and some of my best friendships have been the result of Twitter! It’s like those online dating TV commercials say, “one in eight married couples met online,” well… I say, “one in eight friendships are created online.” Maybe someday I’ll find my future hubby online…Hmm…Maybe :/ I think I’ll stick to single life for now πŸ˜‰ You never know what the future holds though…

All three pizza restaurants were #NomNomNom! I especially fell in love with Esposito’s Detroit-style pizza! But I enjoyed all of my 7 huge slices I consumed throughout the day πŸ™‚ #FatKid.

Oh and did I mention there were PRIZES given away for Best Tweet, Best Chevy Tweet, Best Pizza Tweet, Funniest Tweet and more! I actually won a trophy and a $50 AMEX gift card for Best Twit Pic (see below my Best Twit Pic of @Lapp)! I also spent that $50 an hour later on one of my Ultra Music Festival outfits… Oops! We parted ways with full bellies just after GM in the Southeast handed us Chevy goody bags (mind you, they also provided us with Dunkin Donuts BEFORE the Chevy Pizza Crawl commenced)!


THANK YOU to EVERYONE for letting me spend their Saturday with them πŸ™‚ I had a blast and can’t wait until we meet again!

Picture courtesy of Carlos Miller / The Social Media Puto

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