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20 Nov

Gotta love honesty – Everyman Espresso

Here’s the world’s best NYC bucket list recommendations curated by the best of the best! I am going to attempt to accomplish a great deal of these during my week-long stay here. I’ll also be adding my own recommendations to this list as I experience them.

If you’d like more information about a specific place, tweet the person listed after the recommendation. – Enjoy ūüôā



  • Essex @AshleyElisaG
  • Intermezo (all you can drink drag brunch, go with your girlfriends for a good laugh!)¬†@AshleyElisaG
  • Jane (brunch) @JamieDeRosa
  • LAVO¬†@GlennEbert
  • Penelope¬†@AshleyElisaGt
  • The Smith (brunch) @JamieDeRosa¬†| I highly DO NOT recommend this place. The food came out in 5 minutes. Most of the food was cold or luke-warm. The only thing that was memorable was the cheesy grits.








New York-Bound and Clueless

19 Nov

It’s been roughly 8 to 9 years since I last visited New York City. Yes, I was a foolish 13-year old high school student on a class trip (I don’t even remember why Indianola High School even conducted this trip). We did every tourist trip imaginable alongside my fellow foolish classmates (remember how boys acted when they were 13? Yeah… Pity me please). We went to the top of the Empire State Building, toured the United Nations, saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, walked through Central Park, yada yada yada…

Now that I’m “all grown up” (ehem legal drinking age), I’m STOKED to be visiting NYC for the next 7 days over Thanksgiving (thanks to my girl, @jtangerine02¬†for letting me stay)!

Dear “concrete jungle where dreams are made of ” –

Where should I go???

I need recommendations from all of you who have lived in or traveled to The Big Apple! Things like…

  • Where to eat
  • Where to drink
  • Where to party
  • Where to shop
  • Where to spend a few hours working online (free WIFI please)
  • What to see
  • What to experience
  • What to bring
  • Which parts of NYC I should spend my time in (ie – Brooklyn, Chinatown, etc)
  • Did I overlook that you live in NYC, and should look you up when I get there?

Here’s a list of places/things that have already been recommended to me. Feel free to chime in if you agree/disagree:


  • DBGB in NYC (lunch)
  • The Dutch (dinner)
  • The Lion (dinner)
  • Pastise same owner as Balthazar
  • Fatty Q upper west side
  • La esquina
  • Brush Stroke (David Bouley) (dinner)
  • Nobu 57 (dinner)
  • The Smith (brunch)
  • Jane (brunch)

(thanks to @JamieDeRosa for the above recs)

  • Pig and Khao (thanks to Austin Haight)
  • Grey Dog Cafe
  • Union Square Market
  • Bahn Mi Saigon
  • The National

(thanks to @MarisaScime for the last 4)

Drink (thanks to @JamieDeRosa for all the below recs)

  • BDT
  • Double 7
  • Jay bird upper east side (grand opening)
  • Little Branch
  • Death and Company
  • Sien Fuegos (Rum Bar)
  • District 36 (like LIV)
  • PHD downtown Dream Hotel
  • One Oak
  • Lavo (also killer for brunch, off the charts party)

I’ll be staying in the East Village – heard awesome things!

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

‚̧ Aub