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6 Reasons Clients and Execs Should Love Social Media Pros

24 Sep

If any of you read PR Daily, you know they write some awesome articles that are informative, full of takeaways, and often times, humorous. A couple days ago, they wrote an article called “6 reasons clients and execs should love PR pros.” While I agree with most (not all) of their points, it inspired me to create the same type of list in regards to social media marketers. So here are 6 reasons why you should love, trust, and hire a social media pro for your brand.

  1. They understand social media; you don’t – everyone says “Oh, I’m on Facebook. I totally know how to use social media for my business.” I call bullshit! Sure, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and you may understand the difference between Facebook’s News Feed versus a person’s Profile versus a Fan Page, but do you really understand all the technical aspects of Facebook? Do you know how to tag names and brands in posts? Do you know how to properly attach a website link? Do you know Facebook’s policies about conducting giveaways? Do you know how to strategize your social media plan for ultimate optimization? Probably not. And the list goes on and on… (And not just Facebook either). My point – there’s a lot that goes into managing social media correctly. Not to mention the fact that social media changes every single day. It takes a lot to keep up with all these innovations!
  2. They have the time to engage and execute – what do you do for a living? If you have any say in the decision making of your brand’s marketing (owner, marketing director, operations manager, etc), you have a full-time position that probably has you working overtime already. Do you really have the time to execute a social media strategy, create interesting content, AND THEN be on-call and able to engage and respond to social activity? That’s what I thought… Social media = online conversations. Just like an IRL (in real life) conversation, it takes time to get to know the other person and carry on an interesting conversation. It’s not different online. And social media never sleeps – it’s a 24/7 job! Can you really see yourself answering a tweet at 1:00 in the morning?
  3. They dont right like dis – English grammar and spelling keeps getting worse and worse. I’m not just talking about “kids” either. Adults are horrible spellers too! Not to mention if English is their second language. My friend and I were shaking our heads over her director typing “loose” instead of “lose” in an email (SMH = shaking my head). Most people know whether they’re good spellers or not. Do you really want to be managing your online brand when you got a D in English class?  Probably not… While there are social media accounts that are commended for their ridiculous use of the English language, it’s probably because that’s their entire brand so it makes sense. I can’t tell you how awful it is witnessing typos in social media posts. Correct that sh*t please!
  4. They know what your customers (and prospects) really think of your brand – people are Facebook-ing, tweeting, blogging, instagraming, and publicizing their real opinions about your brand everywhere online. A good social media manager can find, monitor, and respond to these conversations. While there may be some outspoken customers who will complain right to your face about your brand, most of us are a bit more timid… However, social media takes the timidness away, and anyone can rant and rave about your brand. So if your social media manager is relaying messages to you in a constructive criticism kind of way, take his/her message to heart, and don’t kill the messenger. No one likes hearing their defaults, especially when it comes to their business, but they’re trying to help improve your business – listen.
  5. They’ll leverage their personal network – chances are, social media marketers are highly active on social media themselves. Meaning, they may have even more Twitter followers than your brand does. Also remember that quality trumps quantity. Most people prefer to engage with and trust a ‘real’ individual over a brand anyways. If you have someone who can not only manage your brand’s social media but also leverage his/her own social media network to boost and build awareness of yours, you’re getting even more value than you thought!
  6. Social media managers love their jobs (at least for the most part) – people who have chosen social media as their career path have chosen this field for a reason. It’s fun, social, innovative, and affects the bottom line. You won’t often find a social media manager complaining about his/her job, and that’s how it should be. You can trust this person to want to represent and control your online voice. I find myself on my clients’ social media accounts more than my own just because it’s enjoyable. You’ve heard the saying “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s true, especially for social media managers. You can be confident that your social media manager is taking full ownership of your accounts and representing your brand to its fullest.

These are only 6 reasons why you should love your social media manager. The list could go on and on… And on… And on… You get the picture. So please, don’t take advantage of the person running your social media accounts. If you haven’t yet hired someone to manage your accounts, I hope this post has helped open your eyes as to why you should (and why you really should have hired someone months ago).